04 August 2013


Finally!  A taker for the Juicy Danger goes to Burning Man DVD which has been at the Kiosk since day one of 'Give and Take'.  The guy who took it also took one of the Tarot card books (here since first week) and a children's book called Crazy Canadian Trivia (which has also been here for quite a while).  

In return, he gave three packs of homemade incense, a fluorescent yellow softball, and a sheer black and gold scarf.  He also wanted to give a bag of unopened kitten food but I declined that one because of the 'no food' rule.  

He was a jolly character, with medium length curly hair, probably in his 40s with two big fluffy white dogs which he referred to as his kids.  The guy's name was Zoltan.  I was so pleased that Juicy Danger finally found a home that I asked Zoltan if I could take a photo and he kindly obliged.

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