17 August 2013

some more exchanges

The last day of 'Give and Take' was on Sunday August 11, another busy and fun day.  Throughout the last week of the exhibition, many people were coming with things to trade after they'd read the article about the project in their local newspaper.

Around 2pm a Barbershop Men's Choir sang a few songs in Civic Square.  This brought in a few bystanders...

Later on in the day these two boys were playing in the park.  They came over to the Kiosk and checked stuff out for quite a while.  They didn't have anything to trade, but because it was the last day and I was feeling generous, and because they seemed like sweet kids, I let them each take one thing. One kid took a stuffed dolphin toy (he said it was for his sister), and the other kid was going to take this plastic toy he's holding in the photo but then changed his mind and took a deck of cards instead.

Some of the display at about 3pm on the last day of 'Give and Take':

Later in the afternoon a middle-aged woman approached the Kiosk.  "I brought something to exchange today!" she said.  "Great!," I said. She was very excited about what she'd brought to give.  It was a plastic make-up mirror that had a paper cut-out of a 1950s model mod-podged to the front.  "I came by yesterday and saw that today is the last day so I thought I'd bring one of these mirrors that I used to make!"  "Fantastic," I said.  "When I got home yesterday I saw I still had a couple of these lying around and thought this would be a good thing to trade."  "Nice - well take a look and see what you'd like to take in exchange."  She looked around for a bit and finally decided on a shiny silvery plastic skull ring.  "I'll take the ring!"  "Ok!" I said, and started writing down the exchange.  "I think I'll be able to scare people off with this," she laughed. Before she left I asked if I could take a photo of the ring, which she was then wearing.  "Yeah sure," she said, "luckily I just had my nails done too!"(The skull ring had come the day before from one of the two little Japanese girls who had been coming every Saturday with their dad. "It's scary," the 5-year old had said to me as she put it on the counter.  In exchange she had taken a mini teddy bear.)
The very last trade of 'Give and Take' came from this mother/daughter duo.  The mother had been by a few times before, always looking for material on Muslim culture.  On Sunday afternoon she was satisfied with some spice jars, which she and her daughter took in exchange for a bright yellow rubber duck. 

04 August 2013


Finally!  A taker for the Juicy Danger goes to Burning Man DVD which has been at the Kiosk since day one of 'Give and Take'.  The guy who took it also took one of the Tarot card books (here since first week) and a children's book called Crazy Canadian Trivia (which has also been here for quite a while).  

In return, he gave three packs of homemade incense, a fluorescent yellow softball, and a sheer black and gold scarf.  He also wanted to give a bag of unopened kitten food but I declined that one because of the 'no food' rule.  

He was a jolly character, with medium length curly hair, probably in his 40s with two big fluffy white dogs which he referred to as his kids.  The guy's name was Zoltan.  I was so pleased that Juicy Danger finally found a home that I asked Zoltan if I could take a photo and he kindly obliged.