30 October 2010

floor update!

Today was a beautiful day. I went for a bike ride and decided on my way to check out how my floor is doing. Turns out it is doing well! - enjoying some sunny rays.
Some joggers passed through while I was there.
Some time in the last week or so someone has decided to add their own paste-ups to one of the side walls. I like how they are random and organic and kind of weird.

21 October 2010

17 October 2010

a drawing from last summer

Here is a section drawing of the wood-fired sauna at my friend's parents' summer cottage near Vuorela, in Finland. It is a magical place.

09 October 2010

seed balls hung from viaduct

A project I did a couple of years ago. The idea was to hang seed balls from the viaduct, over a grassy patch.
The seed balls were made out of compost (from our kitchen worm bin), a bit of powdered clay (had to get a new blade for the blender afterwards), some wildflower seeds, and a bit of water. They were hung with bright orange yarn that was leftover from my M.Arch thesis project. More photos are on my website under the dark green button. The Main St viaduct is still my favourite one in the city.