28 September 2010

more floor pics

Thanks so much to unurth for posting photos of my floor project on his blog over the weekend!

Alex's Bees

I drew some bees for a friend of a friend who has bee hives in his backyard and wants to make some stickers to put on them. In exchange for some honey, honey.

21 September 2010

pennies volume idea

This is an idea for a volume of space under the N side of Burrard Bridge to be lined with pennies, one every square inch. The space would become a shimmering look-out over the mouth of False Creek.

14 September 2010

new floor under Burrard Bridge

we finished the floor on Saturday morning, but it took a while before the sun came out again and we could get a decent photo. this was taken yesterday around 7pm.
photo by DG

08 September 2010

04 September 2010

floor surface prep

this morning at Burrard Bridge - photo by DG