26 July 2011

progress in pink pleather

circles used for cutting: top of short shot glass, bottom of tall tumbler, small funnel, top of martini glass, side plate, soup plate.

16 July 2011

maquette with circles

Ken Lum map sightings

In the winter I had a commission to design the conceptual map that went along with the Ken Lum exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a great job and people seemed to be pretty happy with the results. The Gallery has had to order another 10K because the first batch of maps were all taken - the show has been very popular. I happened to have my camera with me the other evening when I saw a girl on Robson Street holding her copy!
It made me think of other 'sightings' the map has had. Lisa Parker was at the gallery on opening night and took this photo, which she then posted on her flickr site:
The map has been indexed on the Canadian Design Resource:
And it has also made its way onto Wallace Koopman's artlog where he shows a nice composition of lunch and map in the gallery cafe:
Well isn't that sweet. Thanks folks.

11 July 2011