29 July 2013

Give and Take update

David took some great photos at the 'Give and Take' opening reception on Friday; I have just posted them on my website here.

Below are some photos of recent items which have come and gone.  On Saturday morning we received a (nearly new) coffee grinder, with the explanation "I don't drink coffee anymore."  This was exchanged for a (new) tube of toothpaste.  "I could use this!," she said.

The tube of toothpaste had come on Thursday from a young man and his girlfriend who were passing by and took a keen interest in a clunky purple toy camera which had a missing cable - they thought they could find a cable to fit.

In related news, this interview about the KIOSK aired today on Monocle 24 - listen at 0:40:40!

16 July 2013

Give and Take - July 16 to August 11

The first day of the 'Give and Take' installation at the Burnaby Art Gallery Offsite Project KIOSK went very well.

The inaugural exchange was with a fellow named Bob, who gave the double cd Don Williams GOLD and took the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in return.

Come check out the installation and 'give an item, take an item'!  The kiosk is located in front of Bob Prittie Library Metrotown, Burnaby (map on flyer below).  It will be open most days between now and August 11.

Exhibit launch event will be on
FRIDAY JULY 26, 6-8pm.

13 July 2013

the KIOSK has launched!

The KIOSK project launched on Thursday evening, with Gaye Chan as the first artist presenting her performance SWEAT.

Commissioned by the Burnaby Art Gallery - BAG offsite for Summer 2013.
Curated by Shaun Dacey.
Site: Bob Prittie Metrotown Public Library.
Design: spacemakeplace
Construction:Mark George/Nagy-Ne
photo credits: Rebecca Bayer and Gaye Chan 

The next KIOSK artist launch party will be on Friday, July 26:  Rebecca Bayer Give and Take

02 July 2013

kiosk construction progress

Pictured here with Helen Reed - one of the 6 artists who will be using the kiosk this summer.

Construction by Mark George/Nagy-Ne
more here