26 November 2012

19 November 2012

today's dirty sketch

under Burrard Bridge

01 November 2012

ten fifteen maple

Check out our new blog for the fieldhouse at Hadden Park:


And - our Google map locator:

1015 Maple St

We will officially be opening our doors after the renovations are complete - can't wait!

If you'd like to say hi or arrange to meet up in the meantime please contact: tenfifteenmaple{at}gmail

21 October 2012


phthalo blue
hooker's green
cadmium yellow middle

pre reno!

Yesterday David and I documented the pre-reno fieldhouse with some photos.  David took some test shots first with his digital camera (shown here) and then we chose four shots for the 4x5 camera. Can't wait to see the prints!

12 October 2012

godzilla vs godzilla

the state of things

This is the bathroom in our new Fieldhouse Residency.  The shower still works!  But there is no toilet.  The City is going to replace basic plumbing for us and also remove & replace the floor tiles in the main space (which are full of asbestos).

Luckily we are allowed to occupy the space pre-reno while it's still in this weird state.  First group meeting there tonight!

02 October 2012

welcome to the fieldhouse

Ok here's the announcement:

In collaboration with Justine Chambers, Josh Hite, Billy Marchenski, and Kristen Roos, I am going to be taking part in one of the Vancouver Park Board's new 'fieldhouse' studio residencies!

It is a two-year residency held in one of the city's disused park fieldhouses where park caretakers used to live.  We will each be there at least one day a week to work on psychogeographic community projects.

'Our' fieldhouse is in the beautiful Hadden Park, situated between Kits Beach and the Maritime Museum.

Please contact me if you'd like to drop by!

24 September 2012

22 September 2012


I've been chipping away at various projects but not showing or saying too much about them too soon because the projects are bigger than myself alone.

I enjoyed going back out to the Lasserre building at UBC this week on two occasions.  First, to present a talk for Annabel Vaughn's 'node' studio - she kindly asked me show the students a few of the projects I have done over the past few years which have been situated in the public realm.  I showed: 'turf skirts,' 'fact/fiction worlds series,' 'ludo in soho,' 'egg + dart,' 'concrete pillow bench,' 'verb tests,' 'shelf project,' 'seed balls hung from viaduct,' 'floor project,' 'moving space diorama,' and then finished with some background info on one of the projects I am currently developing.

My second trip out to Lasserre this week was to take part in a studio crit for the first years - they did localized string installations based on some gathered drawing data about a specific part of an iconic building.  There's a buzz in the air these days about string installations!  Or maybe I am all of a sudden more aware of this type of activity based on our own string installation earlier this summer...

David and I are settling in to our new studio.  Below is a photo of the first thing I made there (after taking down our string installation and moving all our stuff in).

07 August 2012

02 August 2012

new studio space sewing exercise

So! David and I have a new studio space. The room is a simple white box with a few quirks. It seemed like a good chance to try out the 'sewing a space' idea - before we actually move in.  We strung it up late one night and then left the door open.

25 July 2012

sewing a space

with bricklayer's string...  more to come soon!

16 July 2012

viaduct curtain progress

click to enlarge - this is the most recent rendering. 

03 July 2012

16 June 2012

entry tunnel

Earlier this Spring I was helping out on a restaurant project called Fat Dragon at work (Bricault Design).  The entry tunnel was my bit:

06 June 2012

found infrastructure

taste/touch packets

I made a series of taste/touch packets waaaaay back many years ago.  I found some of them the other day in a big brown envelope.  I don't make stuff like this anymore but some of the ideas are still there, like inside/outside,  the 'in-between',  and the senses.    Also I still like sewing.

30 May 2012

It's still early days

on this viaduct curtain collaboration.

25 April 2012

tree plaque

I just noticed this tree plaque near the Buchanan building (UBC) the other day - love it!

17 April 2012

stretch sketch

Sometimes i like having to wait somewhere because it gives me free sketch time.

07 March 2012

ludo in soho

These ludo pieces were made at 20:1 scale.

I took them to Soho Square for a few hours on a pleasant summer afternoon.
I used a disposable camera to take these photos! I have just made them digital for the first time.

04 March 2012

Morocco extrusion watercolours

made while in Essaouira, March 2009.

inspiration - photos from Marrakesh:

and some further inspiration - tinted postcard of Sa Majeste Hassan II:

01 March 2012

curtain 1

I was asked to help make a very big curtain for a party a few years ago. And by 'a few' I actually mean six. (Wow, so much has happened since then.)

Made in partnership with Phillipe Lew and Space Agency.

29 February 2012

bulgarian fishing knot

The other day when I was speaking with a friend we briefly got on the topic of rope and knots. Now I'm wondering which I am more drawn to, the rope or the knots. But I guess it's kind of both the same.

28 February 2012

two images from the vault

One is a sketch:

Made while at a museum. The animal is called a 'Lesser Malay Chevrotain'.

And the other one is an oil painting I made for my Aunt Carol.

18 February 2012

underside of cambie bridge

unfinished painting, currently rolled up and in the corner.