24 September 2012

22 September 2012


I've been chipping away at various projects but not showing or saying too much about them too soon because the projects are bigger than myself alone.

I enjoyed going back out to the Lasserre building at UBC this week on two occasions.  First, to present a talk for Annabel Vaughn's 'node' studio - she kindly asked me show the students a few of the projects I have done over the past few years which have been situated in the public realm.  I showed: 'turf skirts,' 'fact/fiction worlds series,' 'ludo in soho,' 'egg + dart,' 'concrete pillow bench,' 'verb tests,' 'shelf project,' 'seed balls hung from viaduct,' 'floor project,' 'moving space diorama,' and then finished with some background info on one of the projects I am currently developing.

My second trip out to Lasserre this week was to take part in a studio crit for the first years - they did localized string installations based on some gathered drawing data about a specific part of an iconic building.  There's a buzz in the air these days about string installations!  Or maybe I am all of a sudden more aware of this type of activity based on our own string installation earlier this summer...

David and I are settling in to our new studio.  Below is a photo of the first thing I made there (after taking down our string installation and moving all our stuff in).