21 October 2012


phthalo blue
hooker's green
cadmium yellow middle

pre reno!

Yesterday David and I documented the pre-reno fieldhouse with some photos.  David took some test shots first with his digital camera (shown here) and then we chose four shots for the 4x5 camera. Can't wait to see the prints!

12 October 2012

godzilla vs godzilla

the state of things

This is the bathroom in our new Fieldhouse Residency.  The shower still works!  But there is no toilet.  The City is going to replace basic plumbing for us and also remove & replace the floor tiles in the main space (which are full of asbestos).

Luckily we are allowed to occupy the space pre-reno while it's still in this weird state.  First group meeting there tonight!

02 October 2012

welcome to the fieldhouse

Ok here's the announcement:

In collaboration with Justine Chambers, Josh Hite, Billy Marchenski, and Kristen Roos, I am going to be taking part in one of the Vancouver Park Board's new 'fieldhouse' studio residencies!

It is a two-year residency held in one of the city's disused park fieldhouses where park caretakers used to live.  We will each be there at least one day a week to work on psychogeographic community projects.

'Our' fieldhouse is in the beautiful Hadden Park, situated between Kits Beach and the Maritime Museum.

Please contact me if you'd like to drop by!