17 June 2010

film cloak

I made this thing out of used film stock a few years ago. It is like a big floppy accordion and fun to play with. On Sunday evening David took some cool photos of me with my 'film cloak' in a nearby park, using a back light.

13 June 2010

more viaducts sketches

just playing around, blocking out colours

07 June 2010

the time is now

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is saying: "Stop oil and gas exploration now"


Greenpeace international have a plan for

two sketches

work in progress

shelves project update

Since I installed the shelves at the beginning of April there has been moderate activity. On occasion I have left items on the shelves, such as books and pens, which I found elsewhere or which were given to me for this purpose. I have been trying to encourage a give-and-take of objects; I had put up a small sign using pushpins on the edge of one shelf which read "leave and item, take an item".
One time I left about a dozen second-hand books. When I went back two days later, ten books were left. Two more days later, nine books were left, but half of these had had their covers turned out to face passers-by, as if on display. It was kind of nice. The next time I went by, there were only three books left. Then the next time, there weren't any books.
I left some more books and pens another few times. Just stuff I had found elsewhere. Once I left Boggle. And then one time my friend told me he'd seen a stuffed toy animal on the shelf, shoved in-between! I hadn't put it there! Something was happening! When I went to look at it the next day, the stuffed animal was gone. Everything was gone. It was just the shelves and my little sign.
After a while I thought maybe I should throw a 'shelf party', to bring a new energy to the shelves. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in the area. Then about a week and a half ago I went to the shelves and found that they had been kicked off! Someone had just come and kicked them off!
The notched in-between parts of the original shelves remain affixed to the wall, creating a new set of very small shelves. My 'leave an item, take an item' sign is now gone but a red push-pin was left, piercing one of the raw wood edges. Curious, this red push-pin, considering the pins that I had used were white.....
The shelves are still big enough for some items.

02 June 2010

cambie approach

this way that way

under the north side of Burrard Bridge

granville meadow

I went for a bikeride around the city on Sunday afternoon, camera in pocket. I am interested in the spaces under and around inner-city viaducts and bridges. This photo was taken beside Granville bridge - a big meadow!