22 March 2013

'to surface' online project

New online project to surface shares photos and links on the topic of surface as a verb.
Check it out here!  mhamm soundSail

website update


12 March 2013

happy accident

1015 Maple renovation update

The renovation of our residency fieldhouse at Hadden Park is taking longer than expected... but it'll be great once finished!  The first two photos below were taken on February 2nd: old floor gone, some walls stripped back.  The third is from just the other day: new floor in, new walls, and surfaces freshly painted.  The five of us are very excited about moving in - crossings all fingers and toes that it will happen soon.  I have been busy planning for upcoming projects - can't wait!  Note these photos are taken through the window as door locks have been changed during the reno too.

08 March 2013

preliminary sketches

Preliminary sketches for a kiosk project that will be happening at the Burnaby Art Gallery (off-site) this summer: six artists, six programs, six locations, one kiosk.