30 November 2011

sewing project

Sewing is a good way to think. There's something about just putting the hands to work and going for it.

This little wallet was made using a sample of fabric that we had lying around in the office - it's an exterior grade upholstery material.

17 November 2011

goodtimes poster

The students in my class made these posters for the 'goodtimes' event our studio hosted this evening.

11 November 2011

viaducts fantasy

it's a gathering of small rental workshops and independent cafes/shops underneath the Dunsmuir and Georgia viaducts, with a cycling & pedestrian concourse sculpture park above. you could call it an 'infrastructural symbiosis,' or as i also like to call it, 'viaducts fantasy.' ideas in collaboration with Chris Forrest. not entered into the recent competition.

this is what it's like there now: